Wigs: What I’ve Learned So Far


Hi there!

I know I’ve had a shamefully long hiatus, I know. Life threw me a really drawn-out curve ball, but I’m back and I’ll be devoting more time than ever to this blog as well as the creation of my own YouTube channel! I know the YouTube Beauty Community is a little… congested… BUT it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time now and I’ve decided to finally go for it!

So the main topic of this post is WIGS. Ugh, I love mine SO much!

Let me start from the beginning…

About a year ago, I started watching a few YouTubers who would wear wigs for different looks and it was love at first sight. The drag world also cultivated a love for over-the-top colorful wigs. I saw it as a new artistic opportunity for me to be more creative with my makeup looks and build a better portfolio. But alas, scrutiny from my toxic ex boyfriend kept me from ever buying one. I may write more about that past relationship later…

Anyhow, about a month ago, I took to Amazon to find the perfect starter wig for me. Based off prior research I had done, I knew I wanted a lace frontal with dark roots.

Lace frontal wigs are wigs with the front part of the hair attached to lace to make it more lifelike when you wear them. You trim the lace to fit your face and then use a bonding glue or bonding tape to attach it to your forehead as close to your hairline as possible. It’s excruciatingly painful when you get some in your hair though, so be extremely careful!

I wanted dark roots because my hair is naturally very dark brown, almost black. That way, if I didn’t want to use the bonding glue, the front of the wig would still blend with my natural hairline. That’s actually how I’m wearing it in the picture. I think it blends with my real hair pretty seamlessly.

My wig is a human hair blend, meaning its partially real hair and partially synthetic hair. It’s a great option because it’s budget friendly but it doesn’t look like a wig from the party store. It feels very soft and isn’t extremely shiny. A trick I learned is that a light mist of dry shampoo will help cut down the shine if it has too much sheen for your taste.

My wig came from Isis Hair’s Brown Sugar collection and is called the BS206 wig in color “Red Velvet/#SR2”. I paid about $50 for it and I chose the free shipping option on Amazon. I feel like it was worth every penny. I get compliments every time I wear it out in town and I just LOVE the color. I’ve always wanted to die my hair this color but I still love my natural hair. So a wig is really the perfect option anytime I want to change it up with my hair.

Feel free to comment with any questions you have about wigs and I’ll do my best to answer. I’m still pretty new to the wig world but I definitely want to buy more in the future. I’d love to buy a blonde one and some in a few cool colors, like dark blue and lavender.

If you were to buy a wig, what color would you get?

Stay Glam!

XOXO – Brittany


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